I’ve been thinking, dreaming and designing this inside my head for a long time; a dungeon crawler based entirely on modern web technologies! Inspired by the dungeon crawlers I used to play in the early nineties on the Amiga and PC. I was particularly intrigued by the Eye of the Beholder series (at least I and II)! Everything about these games compelled to me. Great story, music and graphics altogether set the perfect atmosphere that impressed me immensely.

Main menu

Main menu screen.

For that reason this kind of gameplay has sticked to me and I’ve always dreamed of narrating my own adventures. I have made attempts to write my own dungeon crawler in various game authoring tools and programming languages but I always get exhausted due to the amount of work or the lack of specific programming skills since I’ve set too high expectations on the outcome.

In-game view

I've borrowed a screenshot from EOB II to illustrate the viewport concept.

For a long time I’ve considered this kind of game to be impossible to create as a web browser game without implementing it as an embedded Java Applet (after seeing Omera’s remake of Dungeon Master in Java). But I have given this a lot of thought and decided that I am going to implement this by using only PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. I’ve been working on this project now for a couple of weeks.

The project goes under the working name Wungeons and is available on GitHub.